Daryl Katz, businessman
3 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Admire Daryl Katz

At 54 years old, Daryl Katz is a very successful businessman. He has achieved more than what most business persons achieve in their whole life. He started out in the pharmaceutical field, making billions of dollars before switching his focus to real estate, entertainment, and sports. Here are three reasons why every entrepreneur should aim to emulate this innovative Canadian. You can visit website here for more great tips!

Self-made businessman

Although he had a pretty comfortable upbringing, Daryl Katz was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father opened a small pharmaceutical store and within five years, their family had moved into an upper-middle class lifestyle. As Daryl spent his early childhood in his father's pharmaceutical store, he grew to love the business.

Despite being a practicing lawyer, Daryl Katz teamed up with his dad to buy the Medicine Shoppe pharmaceutical franchise in Canada for $300,000. Their pharmaceutical empire expanded when he bought the struggling Canadian pharmaceutical franchise Rexall, before offloading it for $3 billion in 2016. Selling Rexall has allowed Daryl to pursue other ventures. From a humble background, Daryl Katz is now worth approximately $3.4 billion, according to Forbes. You can view website here to learn more about Daryl Katz. 

Balance between personal and professional life

Daryl Katz hasn't allowed business goals to stop him from enjoying his personal life. He's married to Renee Gouin and the couple lives in a mansion worth $13 million in Edmonton. They own other properties as well, include Bel-Air homes. They have two teenage children, who've followed in the Katz footsteps to start Hockey Helps Kids, an organization that supports kids' charities using interschool hockey tournaments

Passion for his hometown

A lot of entrepreneurs are pulled by business hubs such as Silicon Valley or New York City, but Daryl Katz isn't. He's proud of his Edmonton roots and refuses to relocate to another town. That he is passionate about Edmonton is admirable. For all his major business achievements, his efforts to revive Edmonton may become his biggest achievement.

His business empire, the Katz Group, has spent approximately $2 billion to develop a 35-acre sprawling complex, known as the Ice District. This city within a city will feature condominiums, a hotel, office spaces, and entertainment facilities. At the heart of the complex is the Rogers Place Arena, which is worth $600 million. This is a new 18,500-seat stadium that will be the home of Edmonton Oilers, his beloved hockey team. After 9 years of planning, the venue will open in fall 2016 and will feature a winter garden, community skating rink, and light rail transport link. Take a look at this link  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daryl_Katz for more information.