Daryl Katz, businessman
Top 5 Daryl Katz Career Milestones

While we know much about many of the billionaires that make the Forbes list, the same cannot be said of Daryl Katz. That he's a recluse means you may not even have heard of him. Well, this Canadian tycoon has amassed a huge fortune, estimated at $3.4 billion. And whiles he's been quite active in the business scene, a few moves and moments can be highlighted as career-defining. So here they are; the five most significant milestones of Daryl's business career. You can click this link  https://successstory.com/people/daryl-allan-katz for more great tips!

1991: Acquisition of Medicine Shoppe

Daryl's pharmaceutical career kicked off in 1991, when together with his father, he purchased the Canadian rights of Medicine Shoppe, a famous U.S. drugstore chain, for $300,000. His father, Barry Katz, had opened his first drugstore decades back in 1955. Barry's industry knowledge was a key factor in helping the duo secure VC funding. Their first Medicine Shoppe drugstore in Canada was launched the following year, and by 1998, there were about 30 of them in the country. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started. 

1996: Resurrecting Rexall Health

Rexall Health had been in existence since the early 1900s. In the first of the century the brand was well-known and respected, but by the time Daryl took over, it was ailing. Daryl saw an opportunity to leverage on an old brand name, and he would not hesitate. By 1998, two years after taking over, Rexall Health had more than 80 stores throughout Canada, a major leap from the dozen he found.

2008: Purchase of Edmonton Oilers

After a number of unsuccessful bids, Daryl was finally able to buy his favorite ice hockey club, the Edmonton Oilers. The Edmonton Investment Group could not resist his desire (and generous offer) to take over the team. He assumed ownership a month later, and was keen on bringing positive change from the outset. His focus now is to cultivate the winning culture that's crucial to reclaiming the Stanley cup.

2014: Building Rogers Place

Daryl started work on a new home for the Edmonton Oilers in 2014. The ambitious 25-acre project will cost an estimated $2.5, and is expected to inject a new sense of vibrancy to the city of Edmonton. Rogers Place will also host rock concerts, house luxury condos, restaurants, office towers, retail outlets, and a hotel.

2016: Sale of Rexall Health

In March 2016, Daryl sold Regal Health to McKesson for a reported $C3 billion. After selling the last of his pharmaceutical interests, Daryl said his new focus will be real estate, sports and entertainment, and a few other public and private investments. Kindly visit this website  http://www.ehow.com/how_2222049_act-like-businessman.html for more useful reference.